Cargo Management Re-Engineering CMR for Exports

CMR for exports was implemented by the Australian Customs Service on 6 October 2004. Customs electronic documentation system ICS replaces customs EXIT system.


  • EXDOC continues to provide the SEW service for obtaining a Customs EDN through EXDOC at the same time as obtaining an RFP.
  • EXDOC clients ABNs need to also be registered with ICS to use SEW.
  • To check if you are registered for ICS at Customs follow the links on the Customs website Cargo Management Reengineering – ABNs – View ABNs – Search for a Specific ABN.
  • To register for ICS go to the customs website - Cargo Management Reengineering - and follow the links to ICS registration.
  • To use SEW contact the EXDOC helpdesk to confirm that the ABN on your Exporter Registration is the same as what is registered with ICS.

Do I need a digital certificate?

  • EXDOC has a digital certificate to communicate with ICS so clients wishing to use SEW do not need to obtain their own digital certificate.
  • However in the event that SEW is unavailable the department strongly advise clients to obtain a digital certificate to communicate directly with Customs.

What should I do during an outage?

  • If EXDOC is unable to communicate with the ICS clients should consider having one of the following arrangements:

    • A digital certificate to communicate directly with the ICS via EDI or the Customs Interactive website
    • Nominating an agent who has a digital certificate to communicate directly with the ICS.

  • If the ICS is unavailable clients will need to lodge entries manually with Customs.

    • This will need to be done in person at a Customs counter.
    • If you are a remote client who does not have direct access to a Customs counter, the department strongly advises that you nominate an agent who is able to personally lodge documentation at a Customs counter or lodge documentation via fax and email as a registered communicator with the ICS on your behalf.

If clients require further information on SEW and CMR for exports please contact the EXDOC helpdesk.

If clients would like more information on ICS and CMR for exports implementation please contact the Australian Customs Service.

Phone: 1800 022 267 or Email customs or visit the customs website (and follow links to Cargo Management Reengineering).

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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