EXDOC software suppliers - Considerations when purchasing EXDOC interface software

​Some points to consider when choosing your software package and provider

  • Do you require a stand alone or a networked system, (one PC or many PCs)
  • If you require a networked version, can your provider integrate their system with your existing system
  • If you intend to print health certificates in your office rather than a Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment office you will need to ensure that you have the following equipment:
    • Must be a laser printer
    • Capable of reading HP LaserJet 4 standard or above printer language
    • Capable of printing PCL 4 or above font (avoid printers that have PCL emulation e.g. PCL5E)
    • Must be a duplex printer for double-sided certificates (not applicable to grain and horticulture)
    • Does your software provider offer full network printing or printing through one PC to one printer
  • How are you supplied upgrades to your software package:
    • Costs involved: are they free
    • How are they delivered: disk, downloaded from the internet

Checklist - What do I need in order to use EXDOC?

These requirements may vary depending on which software package your company has chosen. You may need to discuss individual requirements with the software provider.

You will need:

  • A computer
  • Access to an analogue phone line, it is advisory to use a dedicated phone line
  • Connection to Internet e-mail address
  • Software package from a registered software supplier
  • Modem
  • A printer capable of receiving HP LaserJet 4-PCL 4 language or above, needs to be a duplex printer (Grain and horticulture do not require a duplex printer, as remote print files will be sent as simplex print files)
  • Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment security paper for printing export certification (applicable to EDI users only). Currently there is no charge for security paper, security paper can be obtained for each commodity through the following contacts:

    EXDOC Plant Programs

    EXDOC Plant Programs
    Dairy Review Unit

    Department Fish Inspector or department regional office

    Wool, skins and hides
    Department regional office

    Department regional office

EXDOC registered software suppliers

If you have any queries regarding any of the above requirements please contact the EXDOC helpdesk.

Registered software disclaimer

Commonwealth of Australia as represented by the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment registers software products (Software Product) in respect to EXDOC on the basis that the relevant software developer or vendor (Software Provider) has applied for registration and provided the department with a declaration certifying that the Software complies with the relevant EXDOC specification. The department does not conduct any verification as a routine part of the registration process, however the department reserves the right to suspend or terminate registration of any Software Product if the department believes the Software Product may not comply with all relevant specifications or poses a threat of any to the EXDOC system or users or for any other reason that the department thinks fit.

You should thoroughly investigate and test any Software Product you are considering using and only acquire and implement it if you are fully and completely and independently satisfied that the Software Product is fully fit for the purposes you intend to use it for.

To extent permitted by law, the department makes no representation and provides no warranty or endorsement of any kind in relation to any Software Product or Software Vendor, or EXDOC, without limitation including that the software is of merchantable quality, is suitable or fit for any purpose, complies with any relevant specifications, provides any functionality, will not be subject to interruption or error, will operate as may be described, or at all, and that in no event will the department have any liability of any kind (whether direct, indirect) and no matter how occurring or arising (and including as a result of any negligence on our part) arising out of or in any way connected with any Software Product or its interaction (or inability to interact with) EXDOC.

Your selection and use of any Software Product and your use of EXDOC is at your sole risk.

Last reviewed: 3 March 2021
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