Establishments registered by the department

The Export Control (Animals) Rules 2021 states that livestock for export by sea must be assembled at Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment​-registered establishment for preparation for export.

Livestock exported by air do not need to be assembled in registered establishment.

If the importing country requires the livestock to be prepared at a premises approved by the department, the NOI acts as an application for approval of the premises at which the livestock will be prepared for export by air.

These are the steps an establishment’s occupier must take to register an establishment for the preparation of livestock to be exported by sea:

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Step 1. Prepare an operations manual

The establishment’s occupier must prepare an operations manual that sets out how the establishment will operate.

Step 2. Complete an ‘Application for livestock premises registration’ form

Applicants should complete and return the Application for livestock premises registration form, attach a copy of the operations manual, and send it to the Live Animal Exports branch in Canberra.

Step 3. Assessment of the application

Applications are assessed at the national office in Canberra. The department will only assess complete applications. An application that is missing required information or needs clarification is considered an incomplete application. If your application is incomplete, you will be contacted by an assessor to request the information your application is missing. Once your application is complete, you should allow 40 business days for your application to be assessed.

If the application passes initial assessment, a department officer conducts an on-site audit of the establishment. The audit is to check compliance with:

The department will write to the applicant to inform them of the department's decision to either approve or not approve the application for livestock premise registration.

​Step 4. Variation to particulars of registration

If the occupier of registered establishment wishes to change the particulars such as the establishment’s livestock holding capacity, or design, or livestock species to be prepared for export, the occupier must apply for a variation to the particulars of registration. The occupier must also amend the operations manual and send a copy of the amended manual with the application for variation.

More information​

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Duration of registration and renewal of registration

Registration is valid for five years, unless the department revokes the registration, or specifies a shorter period in the notice of registration.

Registration ceases if the establishment is transferred to a new owner or if the occupier ceases to have day-to-day control of operations at the establishment.

To apply for re-registration, applicants should use the same form as used for initial registration. Applicants should allow 40 working days for re-registration.


The department has a schedule of audits of registered establishment. The scope of the audit is the same as the audit at initial registration.


There is an application charge which the applicant must pay at the time of submitting the application. The application charge may be paid by credit card​.

If the establishment registration is approved, the occupier will be invoiced for the annual levy for livestock establishment registration.​ 

For full details of the Live Animal Export charges, see the department’s charging guidelines​.

Non-payment of any invoiced fees may result in withdrawal of services being provided to clients.

Last reviewed: 28 March 2021
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