Organic certified operators

​All facilities that produce or prepare organic goods for export must be certified. This applies to:

  • producers
  • suppliers
  • processors
  • manufacturers
  • storage facilities.

Organic goods means any goods labelled or marketed for export as:

  • organic
  • biodynamic
  • biological
  • ecological
  • other similar wording.

Find out more about Australian export laws for organic products.

Importing country requirements

You must meet all importing country requirements for your goods. This applies to everyone involved in the export supply chain.

Before you export:

You can also talk to one of our approved certifying organisations.

Becoming certified

You must be organic certified even if you are already registered with us for your commodity.

Apply for organic certification through one of our approved certifying organisations.

They will advise you on the process for becoming organic certified. This will include inspecting your premises to make sure you comply with:

Be aware that the transition to full organic certification can take at least 3 years.

To export your own product (rather than sell to someone else to export), check requirements for organic exporters.


You must label your products to meet the National Standard for Organic and Bio-dynamic Produce.

Product label information must be:​

  • true and correct for that product
  • verifiable (with no unsubstantiated health claims)

You must also provide certified translations for any information in a foreign language.

Other export laws

You may also need to comply with other Australian export laws. This is separate to the requirements for organic or biodynamic goods.

Check export requirements for:

Make sure details in your organic produce certificate match all other export certification.

Last reviewed: 1 December 2020
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