Documentation, registration and licensing

​​​​​​The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment controls exports of agricultural products listed or ‘prescribed’ in the Export Control Act 1982 and associated legislation.

What we do

Our Food and Residues Branch works closely with internal and external stakeholders to develop and maintain national certification systems to meet importing country requirements. This includes national oversight of our service delivery network, instructional material, technical training, verification and engagement of stakeholders.

The Documentation, Registration and Licensing central office team provides management, technical and administrative support on the policies and procedures that underpin market access for Australian products.


Goods prescribed in the legislation require certification to enable entry into the importing country.

Non-prescribed goods only require certification if it is a requirement of the importing country.

If you are experiencing difficulties with an export transaction in relation to government health documents or related documentation, seek assistance from the department by contacting your regional office. If the issue requires further action to be resolved in the region, email our documentation officer with a clear outline of the issue.


Some prescribed goods intended for export must be prepared at registered premises. This means that your premises must be constructed, equipped and operating in an effective and hygienic manner, and be approved by the department under the Export Control (Prescribed Goods - General) Order 2005.

To register your premise, complete the Application for registration or notification to the secretary of change of details of an establishment (EX26).
Post the completed form to your regional office for initial processing.

After initial documentation is approved, the application will be sent to our central office for further assessment and approval.

Once approved, we will post you a registration certificate and number that must be displayed at the location of the registered export premise.
Contact Export establishment registration for further information.


Individuals, partnerships and companies exporting edible meat, offal (including casings) or meat products of cattle, sheep or goats must be licensed under the Australian Me​at & Live-stock Industry Act 1997 (AMLI Act).

Exporters of meat and meat products must apply to the department for a licence to export meat. Licensed meat exporters must be accredited by AUS-MEAT, the meat industry standards body.

Last reviewed: 4 February 2020
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