Japan preserved meats 1 and 2 quotas

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment manages 8 Japan quotas including preserved meats 1 and 2. These quotas were put in place by the Japan–Australia Economic Partnership Agreement (JAEPA) and allow Australian exporters to export specific quantities of preserved meats 1 and 2 product at reduced tariff rates.

Access to these quotas is on a first-come, first-served (FCFS) basis until the available quota amount has been exhausted. The amount of quota available for preserved meats 1 is now set at 2,700 tonnes. The amount of quota available for preserved meats 2 increases annually (check out the total volume of quota agreed on all Japan quotas until 2024).

Exporters can use the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade tariff portal to find the current tariff rate applying to their product and to compare the tariff reduction received under both the JAEPA and the CPTPP agreements.

Key dates to remember

  • 10 March—Department accepts applications for the new quota year
  • 1 April—New quota year commences
  • 31 March—Quota year ends

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Current quota usage

The quota usage tables show the total quantity of quota used by Australia for JAEPA products. The tables are updated regularly.

Check out the current quota usage for Japan preserved meats 1 and 2.

Apply for a JAEPA quota certificate for preserved meats 1 and 2

To apply for a quota certificate for a consignment of prescribed meats 1 or 2 product, an exporter must lodge a request for permit (RFP) through the department’s electronic documentation system, EXDOC.

The RFP must include the correct AHECC codes and the quota indicator must be ticked. The quota certificate will be emailed to the address stored for the exporter in the Exdoc system. Exporters can update their details by contacting the EXDOC Help Desk.

To complete the RFP you may need to refer to the eligible AHECC codes.

When the RFP reaches ‘complete’ status in EXDOC, the data will come through to the Quota Unit. Once the application is approved, the Quota Unit will email the quota certificate directly to the exporter.

JAEPA certificates cannot be amended so if an amendment to a prescribed meats 1 or 2 RFP is made in Exdoc that changes the exporter, importer, product type or quantity of product, the original certificate will be cancelled and a new certificate will be issued and emailed.

Note: Quota administration is cost recovered on a per certificate basis in accordance with the Export Charges (Imposition-General) Regulation 2021 and the Export Control (Fees and Payments) Rules 2021. Exporters are invoiced monthly for any quota certificates issued. The current cost recovered amount is $32 per certificate issued.

Historical quota usage


The Export Control (Tariff Rate Quotas-General) Rules 2021 govern the rules around quota for prescribed goods to Japan. Exporters should be familiar with these rules.

Background to JAEPA

JAEPA eliminates or reduces barriers to trade in goods between Japan and Australia. JAEPA entered into force on 15 January 2015. More information on the broader outcomes of the agreement can be found on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s website.

Data collection

The Quota Unit collects and manages the data presented on this website for commercial and government use. The data comes from the RFPs received by the department.

Contact us

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For queries or assistance with JAEPA preserved meats 1 and 2 quotas, contact the Quota Unit:

Phone: 02 6272 4068
Email: quota.admin@awe.gov.au

Last reviewed: 30 July 2021
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