Sharing Australia’s Commonwealth fisheries resources

All Australians own our Commonwealth fisheries resources. They must be shared between many stakeholders.

We are creating a resource sharing framework. This will outline the government’s approach to ensuring fair access to Commonwealth fisheries resources.

The framework will make sure:

  • commercial, recreational and Indigenous fishers have appropriate access
  • everyone understands their access rights
  • fisheries managers can decide on sharing arrangements.

We want our fisheries to continue to be well managed. This keeps them sustainable and profitable.

Public consultation

Public consultation is now closed.

We sought feedback on our Commonwealth fisheries resource sharing discussion paper from 5 March to 21 May 2020.

Your feedback will help us design a framework that is fit for purpose and reflects your needs.

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What we’re doing

We are engaging stakeholders during all stages of framework. We seek feedback through:

  • public submissions on our discussion paper
  • online surveys
  • targeted stakeholder workshops
  • National Fishing Advisory Council meetings
  • 2019 Seafood Directions conference
  • Australian Fisheries Managers Forum meetings.

Next steps

We are using your feedback to develop a draft resource sharing framework. We will release the draft framework for public feedback in mid-2020.

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