Animal Baits, Bioremediation Agents and Fertilisers

​This page outlines the information that must be included with an application to import the following products:

  1. Animal Baits/Attractants (including rodent baits, insect baits)
  2. Bioremediation Agents (including waste water treatments, cleaning products, insecticides)
  3. Animal based products for environmental and/or industrial use (including dairy, gelatine and tallow based products)
  4. Fertilisers (containing animal and/or microbial derived ingredients)

The Animal Baits, Bioremediation Agents and Fertilisers Questionnaire must be completed by the manufacturer and submitted with all applications for these products. This questionnaire requires manufacturers to provide information relating to the composition, manufacturing and packaging of the product, as well as any quality control measures in place at the manufacturing facility.

The Questionnaire does give the option for manufacturers to attach additional documents containing tables or flow charts. If additional documents are provided they must meet the following format:

  1. From the manufacturer
  2. Specifying the product name(s)
  3. On manufacturer’s letterhead (including company address and country)
  4. Signed by a senior company employee from the site of manufacture whose name, title and contact details also appear
  5. Dated within the last 6 months, free from erasures and uncertified alterations (all alterations must be initialled by the senior company employee responsible for signing the declaration)
  6. Written in English.

Where the manufacturer does not wish to disclose full details to importers, the importer is still able to lodge an application and an assessing officer can then contact the manufacturer directly. All information made available to the Department of Agriculture (the department) remains strictly commercial-in-confidence and is protected against unauthorised disclosure by the department to any other party under Australian Federal Law.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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