Failing Food Report – August 2019

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Department of Agriculture, August 2019​

This report details food that was found to fail under the Imported Food Inspection Scheme during the month. For full data on activity and compliance under the Scheme refer to the annual Imported Food Inspection Data reports.


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Risk food tests (targeted monitoring of food for compliance to safety standards)

The Department of Agriculture (the department) targets and monitors food determined to pose a high or medium risk to public health. Risk food is targeted at the rate of 100 per cent until a history of food safety compliance is established.

The following table details where noncompliant food was detected.

The noncompliant food was not distributed for sale in Australia. It was destroyed by the importer or re-exported to the country of origin under department supervision. More information on risk food and the tests applied under the IFIS can be found on the Tests applied to risk food webpages.

Microbiological / Allergen tests

Date of failProduct descriptionCountry of originProducer nameReason for failResult/sUnitsReference
1/08/2019Frozen cooked whole craw fishChinaZhejiang Tianhe Aquatic Products Inc., LtdStandard plate count630 000, 600 000, 4 000 000, 300 000, 28 000 000cfu/gCRU03/2019
5/08/2019Chilli powderIndiaKottackal Agro FoodsSalmonellaDetected/125gSPI 06/2019
6/08/2019Diced mozzarella cheeseItalyEuropomella Spa (It 12/009 Ce)Listeria monocytogenesDetected/125gCHE 07/2018
22/08/2019Chilli powderIndiaSpectrum InternationalSalmonellaDetected/125gSPI 06/2019
23/08/2019TahiniPakistanTat Pakistan Sesame MillsSalmonellaDetected/125gSES 05/2014
30/08/2019Halawah with pistachioSyriaAl Asala Foodstuff CoListeria monocytogenesDetected/125gSES 05/2014

Chemical/Contaminant/Toxin test results

Date of failProduct descriptionCountry of originProducer nameReason for failResult/sUnitsReference
5/08/2019Spiced peanutsIndiaRaghuvanshi ExportsAflatoxin0.214mg/kgNUT 11/208
14/08/2019Dried herringPhilippinesKaelen Phils IncHistamine360mg/kgHIS 12/2016
12/08/2019Kelp slicesChinaFuzhou Hailin Food Co LtdIodine3900mg/kgBSW 12/2016
12/08/2019Kelp shredsChinaFuzhou Hailin Food Co LtdIodine3300mg/kgBSW 12/2016
12/08/2019Dried kelp knotsChinaFuzhou Hailin Food Co LtdIodine2000mg/kgBSW 12/2016
23/08/2019Tuna in vegetable oilIranFedelak Food IndustryHistamine532mg/kgHIS 12/2016
23/08/2019Tapioca chipsIndiaNilamel ExportsHydrocyanic acid11mg/kgCAS 09/2016
29/08/2019Dried anchoviesIndiaAquatic FisheriesHistamine390mg/kgHIS 12/2016

Random monitoring of food for compliance

The department operates a five per cent random surveillance scheme to monitor a range of food imported into Australia for compliance to some standards in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. These tests are applied as part of a rolling program of surveillance food and are therefore subject to change.

More information on surveillance food and the tests applied can be found on the Tests applied to surveillance food webpage.

The table details where results were found to be noncompliant with food standards. Future consignments of this food are subject to an increased rate of testing until a history of compliance is achieved.

To increase the rate of testing, a legal instrument referred to as a ‘holding order’ is issued to refer food from a particular overseas producer for increased testing. The words ‘HO match’ indicate the fail was against an existing holding order. A new instrument is not issued for subsequent fails to an existing holding order.

Date of failProduct descriptionCountry of originProducer nameTest applied Reason for failResult/sUnitsReferenceHolding order number
6/08/2019Chilli sauceThailandChefs Choice Foods Mfr Co Ltd (Thailand)CompositionVitamin CNot permitted in this foodn/aFSC 1.3.215287
9/08/2019Porridge oatsUnited KingdomRamsden/WeetabisCompositionVitamin B12Not permitted in this foodn/aFSC 1.3.215288
9/08/2019Breakfast cerealUnited KingdomRamsden/WeetabisCompositionVitamin B5Not permitted in this foodn/aFSC 1.3.215288
15/08/2019Frozen green chilliIndiaArctic Agro Foods Pvt LtdFruit and vegetable residue screenMonocrotophos
mg/kgFSC 1.4.215295
16/08/2019Sliced red datesChinaMicson Food ProcessingFruit and vegetable residue screenCarbendazim
mg/kgFSC 1.4.2HO match
19/08/2019Spinach leavesIndiaVadilal Industries LimitedFruit and vegetable residue screenChlorpyrifos0.23mg/kgFSC 1.4.2HO match
13/08/2019Fresh lycheesChinaZhangzhou Xinmingxing Trading Co LtdFruit and vegetable residue screenCarbendazim
mg/kgFSC 1.4.2HO match
13/08/2019Seasoned squid saladChinaDalian Gaishi Food Co LtdCompositionAdditive (Colour 160b)Not permitted in this foodn/aFSC 1.3.1HO match
14/08/2019Preserved salted plumsChinaKiu Sang Hong Limited (Hong Kong)LeadLead1.1mg/kgFSC 1.4.1HO match
15/08/2019Candy cornUnited StatesFerrara Cany CompanyCompositionAdditive E127 (erythrosine)Not permitted in this foodn/aFSC 1.3.115312
21/08/2019Tapioca flakeIndonesiaPt Marizarasa Sarimurni (Indonesia)CompositionAdditive E127 (erythrosine)Not permitted in this foodn/aFSC 1.3.115316
26/08/2019Cambodge dried tamarindIndiaKkr Agro Mills (P) LtdFruit and vegetable residue screen2-Phenylphenol0.14mg/kgFSC 1.4.2HO match
22/08/2019Toor dal (pigeon peas)MyanmarAys Mfg Co LtdFruit and vegetable residue screenChlorpyrifos0.12mg/kgFSC 1.4.215323
30/08/2019Golden raisinsIndiaHarihar Foods Pvt. Ltd. (India)Fruit and vegetable residue screenCarbendazim0.36mg/kgFSC 1.4.2HO match

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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