Food safety management certificates

Certain food imported into Australia must be covered by a food safety management certificate. Imported food that require this type of certificate will be listed in the Imported Food Control Order 2019.

See a current list of food requiring this certificate.

The certificate is evidence that a food has been produced through a food safety management system. This system must have appropriate controls in place to manage food safety hazards.

Food safety controls must meet the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles. These are set by the Codex Alimentarius Commission.

Read the guidelines to find out how we determine what is a recognised food safety management certificate.

Compliance requirements

When a food requires a certificate, an amendment is made to the Order, and importers will have 24 months to comply.
To import listed food, you must provide:

Make sure you check the requirements for the type of certificate you must provide.

Third party certificates

A third party certificate must:

  • be issued by an accredited certification body
  • be limited to one food producer
  • confirm that the food producer’s food safety management system identifies and effectively controls the food safety hazards of concern during primary production and processing of the food
  • be able to be validated by us through a web-accessible database administered by the relevant Accreditation Body or Certification Program Owner that accredited the certification body.

Lodging a food safety management certificate

A valid certificate must be included when lodging a Full Import Declaration (FID). This is lodged through the Cargo Online Lodgement System (COLS).

The certificate must also meet our general documentary requirements. These are set out in the Minimum documentary and import declaration requirements policy.

Food requiring a certificate

We will make a determination about what certificates we recognise for each food listed and provide this on the webpage for each food.

Food which will require a food safety management certificate from 9 November 2022:

Food safety management certificates guideline

Download guideline

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