Notice to Industry 9: Country-specific Appendix B certificates

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The purpose of this document is to make country-specific Appendix B certificates that have been agreed by approved countries readily available to horse importers.

This document is provided for information only. To the extent that this document is inconsistent with any import permit, direction or authorisation to enter a quarantine facility, the terms and conditions of the import permit, direction or authorisation to enter a quarantine facility take precedence and will apply. Failure to comply with a condition of an import permit, direction, industry notice or authorisation to enter a quarantine facility may constitute an offence.


The conditions to import horses into Australia requires horses to be resident in approved countries for at least 60 days immediately prior to export. When a horse has resided in more than one approved country during the 60 days prior to the date of export, an Appendix B certificate is required and makes up part of that horse’s health certification.

Appendix B certificates are to be completed by an official veterinarian of each country that the horse has resided in during the 60 days before export to Australia. The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE) negotiates Appendix B certificates individually with each approved country.

Current Appendix B certificates

Negotiated Appendix B certificates for the relevant country can be found in the following links:




File size

Austria PDF  2 610 KB
Belgium PDF  3 364 KB
Cana​​da PDF  2 50 KB
Denmark PDF  3 364 KB
France PDF  3 238 KB
Germany PDF  4 387 KB
Hong Kong PDF  3 368 KB
Iceland PDF  2 307 KB
Ireland PDF  4 230 KB
Italy PDF  3 401 KB
Netherlands PDF  3 210 KB
New Caledonia PDF  4 528 KB
Portugal PDF  3 88 KB
Spain PDF  4 720 KB
United Kingdom PDF  3 261 KB
Japan PDF  3 732 KB
Singapore PDF  3 376 KB
Sweden PDF  2 92 KB
Switzerland PDF  4 2.3 MB
United Arab Emirates PDF  17 143 KB
United States of America PDF  3 463 KB

Sample certificates may not meet Australian Government accessibility requirements as they have not been prepared by the DAWE. If you have difficulty accessing these files, visit web accessibility for assistance.

If a horse for export to Australia was resident in an approved country that does not have a country-specific Appendix B certificate listed above, please contact DAWE via email: request the current status of that country’s specific Appendix B document.

Version history

The following table details the published date and amendment details for this document.

Version Date

Amendment details

1.0 21/03/2017 To provide readily available country-specific Appendix B certificates to importers of live horses.
2.0  20/10/2020 Updated department name and format.
Last reviewed: 30 June 2021
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