Register an account in BICON

​​​​You do not need to register an account in BICON if you only wish to search and browse import conditions, or view alerts and changes.

You only need to register an account in BICON if you want to:

  • ‘follow’ a case to stay informed of changes to import conditions
  • create and submit import permit applications
  • track the status of your import permit
  • view permit application correspondence and respond to requests for further information
  • manage issued permits and request variations
  • add exporter, manufacturer and importer contact details
  • pay for permit applications online.

Selecting the correct account type

Important information about user registration PDF Icon  PDF [594 KB]Word Icon Word [180 KB] is available to help you select the correct account type in BICON. If you need further help setting up your account in BICON, contact the department by:

  • Phone: 1800 900 090 or +61 3 8318 6700 (from outside Australia)
  • Email: Imports
  • ​The ‘Contact Us’ function within BICON

How to register an account

Registration is a once-off process that will require you to:

  • open BICON
  • click the link to Login or Register
  • click the link ‘register for a new account’

More information about how to register an account in BICON is available through BICON’s eLearning modules. Task cards are also available through BICON’s Help menu.

Registration information

When registering an account in BICON you will be asked to:

  • acknowledge a set of terms and conditions
  • specify if you are registering as an individual or for a company
  • provide individual or company details including your name and email address
  • confirm that you own the nominated contact email address
  • nominate your password and ‘secret’ questions to help verify your identity if you forget your password.

To submit a permit application, you will also require a postal address to be listed against your account.

Protecting your personal information

BICON adheres to Commonwealth Government internet security and privacy standards. These include the Defence Signals Directorate guidelines and the Privacy Act 1988.

The information you provide when registering as an account in BICON will only be used for the purposes defined in the BICON conditions of use. Your personal details will not be transmitted to other agencies or used for commercial purposes. The department will only use or disclose your personal information for another purpose where it is permitted to do so in accordance with the Privacy Act.

Access the department’s Privacy Policy to learn more about how your information will be used and protected.​

Last reviewed: 28 September 2020
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