13. Aiolopus thalassinus

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Graphic: side view of two colour morphs of an adult Aiolopus - note prominent light stripe on leading edge of folded forewing. Graphic: top view of an adult Aiolopus showing pale straw hindwing with darker outer 1/3.

Size: Females 25 to 35-45 mm, males 20 to 25 mm long.

Adult Description: Colour is usually light to dark brown but sometimes can be green. In profile the top of the head, thorax and wings in a straight line with the front of the head sloping down and back rather than vertical. Wing covers darker than the body and with a prominent lighter to white stripe on the leading lower edge, up to about half the length of the wings. Hind wings from almost clear to a light straw colour with an indistinct darker smudgy outer 1/3. Hind tibia straw coloured. Body slim, throat peg absent.

Confusion with Australian plague locust, Heteropternis and Austroicetes: Similar size, shape and habit (compare with photo of an adult Australian plague locust)

Confusion with Bermius: Similar green slim body.

Unique features: The combination of the slim body, light stripe along the first half of the wing covers, sloping face and straw coloured hind tibia. The hind wings are not clear or with a distinct dark outer spot but rather a pale straw wing with a darker outer 1/3. No throat peg unlike Bermius.

Further information on this species:Description of nymph

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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