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The Weekly Australian Climate, Water and Agricultural Update is released each Thursday afternoon.


January 2014
DateRelease title
February 2014
DateRelease title
Tuesday 11Australian crop report — no.169 February quarter 2014
March 2014
DateRelease title
Tuesday 4 - Wednesday 5Outlook 2014
Tuesday 4Agricultural commodities — March quarter 2014
April 2014
DateRelease title
May 2014
DateRelease title
Tuesday 22Australian forest and wood products statistics — Sept/Dec quarters 2013
June 2014
DateRelease title
Wednesday 11Australian crop report — no.170 June quarter 2014
Tuesday 17Agricultural commodities — June quarter 2014
July 2014
DateRelease title
August 2014
DateRelease title
September 2014
DateRelease title
Tuesday 9Australian crop report — no.171 September quarter 2014
Tuesday 16Agricultural commodities — September quarter 2014
October 2014
DateRelease title
November 2014
DateRelease title
Tuesday 11Australian forest and wood products statistics — March/June quarters 2014
December 2014
DateRelease title

Tuesday 2

Australian crop report — no.172 December quarter 2014

Tuesday 9

Agricultural commodities December quarter 2014

Tuesday 16Agricultural commodity statistics 2014