Farm Business Resilience Program

The 2021-22 Federal Budget provides an additional $60 million investment in Farm Business Resilience Program.

Australian farmers manage uncertainty and complexity every day. However, the business of farming is becoming more challenging – as farmers face significant climate risk, including future droughts.

The Australian Government is working with state and territory governments to give farmers the tools to manage these risks.

Through this program farmers including farm managers and employees will have access to subsidised learning and development opportunities in strategic business management, farm risk management and decision-making, natural resource management, and personal and social resilience.

Learning and development

This program will provide practical help to farmers to:

  • upskill their strategic farm business management and planning approaches to best practice industry standards
  • use data to understand their farm business’s strategic risks and improve decision making processes
  • learn about innovation and diversification options, new farming practices, systems and markets
  • think about succession planning and learn new ways to manage people and time.

The Program will also offer farmers:

  • an assessment of their business’s performance, to identify opportunities to build resilience and help track progress
  • support to develop or update farm business plans, tailored to their farms
  • access to one-on-one professional advice on their plan
  • practical tools and resources to take back to the farm.


We are running the program right across Australia – delivered through each state and territory. The foundational year of the Program will roll out from May 2021 until June 2022. You can find out what's happening in each state or territory as information becomes available by selecting below:

See more about each state

New South Wales


Northern Territory

South Australia

Australian Capital Territory


More information on other states and territories will be available soon.


The table below details the payment information for the Farm Business Resilience Program, as required under the Future Drought Fund Act 2019.

State and Territory governments Total amount payable Date of first payment Amount of first payment Total amount paid Total amount still to be paid
Australian Capital Territory $150,000 By 30 June 2021 $150,000 - $150,000
New South Wales $5,508,296 By 30 June 2021 $5,508,296 - $5,508,296
Victoria $700,000 By 30 June 2021 $700,000 - $700,000
Queensland $4,393,146 By 30 June 2021 $4,393,146 - $4,393,146
South Australia $2,191,485 By 30 June 2021 $2,191,485 - $2,191,485
Northern Territory $193,000 By 30 June 2021 $193,000 - $193,000


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Last reviewed: 2 June 2021
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