New Melon levy and export charge

​From 1 January 2017, melons produced in Australia and sold by a producer to a first purchaser, including to a selling agent, buying agent, exporter or exporting agent, will attract a levy and export charge of 0.4 cents per kilogram.

The melon levy and export charge rates are shown in the table below:

Levy and export charge componentsRates
Research and Development 0.3 cents per kilogram
Plant Health Australia membership 0.1 cents per kilogram
Emergency Plant Pest Response NIL
TOTAL0.4 cents per kilogram

GST does not apply to Australian Government levies and charges.


The introduction of the melon levy and export charge will provide the Australian melon industry with a reliable source of funding to undertake high priority R&D and biosecurity preparedness activities. The melon export charge is not payable if the levy has already been applied to the melons prior to export.

What types of melon attract a levy and export charge?

  • Charentais melon
  • Galia melon, also known as Hami melon
  • Honeydew melon, also known as Piel de sapo
  • Horned melon
  • Korean melon
  • Rockmelon and
  • Watermelon.

Who is affected by the introduction of a melon levy and export charge?

If you buy, sell or export melons may be required to submit a quarterly return and make a payment to the department. If you produce and sell more than 20 tonnes of melons by retail sale each financial year, you are liable to pay the levy and you must submit a return to the department.

A producer who sells less than 20 tonnes of melons by retail sale in a financial year, or exports less than 20 tonnes of melons in a financial year, is exempt from paying the levy or export charge.

Information about how to lodge your return is available at: Lodging returns and paying levies. Alternatively, you can call the Levies Helpdesk on the free call number: 1800 020 619 or email: Levies Management.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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