New arrangements for activating emergency response levies

​​​Welcome to the Levies News update for December 2015.

Emergency response levies are a key element of Australia’s national biosecurity system. They allow industry parties to raise funds to contribute to national cost-shared eradication responses to pest and disease incursions.​

A new streamlined process for activating or amending emergency response levies has been introduced in response to recent industry feedback. While still ensuring adequate consultation with levy payers, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has reduced the cost to industries when activating or amending emergency response levies.

Under the new process, which can be seen i​n the flowchart below, consultation can take the form of a public notification process followed by an objection period of 30 days. Industry bodies must show that all levy payers concerns have been dealt with and must address any objections before progressing the emergency response levy. 

The streamlined consultation process recognises that industry support for an emergency response levy, and its intended activation when required, was demonstrated at the introduction of the levy.

The questions and answers will provide more specific information regarding emergency response levies, the deeds and the levy activation processes. 

The department will continue to look for opportunities to gain efficiencies around emergency response levies. Industry bodies are welcome, and encouraged, to consult with the department, Animal Health Australia or Plant Health Australia when considering any changes to levies. General enquiries and more information on the levy processes and requirements can be made at Levies Management.

Flow chart showing new arrangements for activating emergency response levies.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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