Pacific engagement

We’re working with our Pacific neighbours to increase trade and improve biosecurity in the region.

Are you interested in exporting goods from the Pacific into Australia? Find out what you need to know and who to contact.

What you need to know

What to consider when exporting your goods to the Australian market.

Find out some of the region’s most destructive pests and how to identify and report them.

How we work

How our biosecurity system works.

Look inside our department and find out more about what we do.

Our staff that work in our Pacific engagement teams and who to contact.

Working together

How we’re partnering to increase trade and improve biosecurity in the Pacific region.

Pacific exporters that have accessed the Australian market.

Find out who to contact in your region.


Do you need help with your imports to Australia?

Phone: 1800 900 090 (general switchboard)

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