Dairy Export Industry Consultative Committee

​​​The Dairy Export Industry Consultative Committee (DEICC) is the principal consultative committee for the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (the department) and the Australian dairy export industry (industry).

The aim of DEICC is to provide an effective and ongoing forum for formal liaison and consultation between the department and relevant stakeholders in the industry.

DEICC is the primary consultation body for issues relating to the export and certification of dairy products. Primarily the aim of DEICC is to:

  • Assist the department to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of export certification, export market access and issues relevant to the industry
  • Promotes the coordination of department activities and the industry to facilitate exports of dairy products
  • Provide technical input into policy development and regulatory changes
  • Focus strategically on improvements to operational and market access issues facing the dairy export industry, including ways to reduce regulatory burden
  • Discuss and agree on priorities for dairy market access issues through departmental processes and importing country reviews
  • Act as an effective conduit for information exchange between the department, industry and State Regulatory Authorities
  • Inform industry on operational matters and priorities around audit, export issue, resourcing and finances.


The membership of DEICC consists of representatives from:

  • Department of Agriculture and Water Resources
  • Dairy Australia
  • Australian Dairy Products Federation
  • State Regulatory Authorities
  • Dairy consultants
  • Dairy export manufacturers
  • Dairy exporters


The DEICC meets twice per year. Special meetings are also convened if urgent issues arise.

For further information about DEICC

Email the secretariat at DEICC.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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