Export Meat Industry Advisory Committee (EMIAC) Finance Subcommittee

​​The Export Meat Industry Advisory Committee (EMIAC) Finance Subcommittee, formally known as AQIS/Industry Task Force, was formed in September 1997 as a result of an agreement between the meat processing industry and the Government as part of the AQIS meat inspection reforms. The purpose of the Finance Subcommittee is to facilitate consultation on the Meat Program’s cost structures and charging levels.

The terms of reference for the group provide for:

  • examination of cost structures,
  • review of the appropriateness and equity of charging mechanisms;
  • the making of recommendations for future fee structures.

In carrying out its tasks the group takes into account the appropriate technical framework necessary to satisfy the Government’s legal and legislative responsibilities and AQIS’s capacity to provide the certification required by overseas authorities.


Membership of the subcommittee is comprised of EMIAC members and AQIS representatives.


The Subcommittee meets regularly in either Canberra or by teleconference.


For further information, email the EMIAC Finance Subcommittee or phone 1800 900 090.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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