International Cargo Cooperative Biosecurity Arrangement

The International Cargo Cooperative Biosecurity Arrangement (ICCBA) is a voluntary, non-binding multilateral arrangement that provides biosecurity agencies, with a platform for collaborating on biosecurity initiatives.

The ICCBA aims to provide rigor around the operational implementation and management of biosecurity policies that are developed by bodies such as the International Plant Protection Convention. Current interests focus mainly on the development of treatment methodologies and their verification; however, there is potential for future expansion to include inspection and other biosecurity assurance activities.

By providing a collaborative platform, the ICCBA encourages international cooperation on the harmonisation and verification of international biosecurity activities and processes.

The current membership includes representation from 14 biosecurity agencies, with a further 8 agencies investigating future membership.


The ICBBA comprises an overarching arrangement which promotes communication and collaboration between member agencies. Participation is entirely voluntary, creates no legal obligation and does not commit agencies to any specific biosecurity or trade policy or process.

Participation in the ICCBA does however, provide agencies with the option of signing onto separate schedules, which sit under the arrangement, that cover specific biosecurity measures. Agencies participating in these schedules agree to a set of administrative and technical requirements and obligations, which are then acknowledged and reciprocated by all signatories. The multilateral nature of ICCBA enables participants to accrue and share benefits with a whole community of member agencies.


Member agency Countries, economies or regions represented Date notified
International Regional Organisation for Plant and Animal Health – OIRSA Representing Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic 20 June 2013
The Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment Australia 23 July 2013
Biosecurity Authority of Fiji Fiji Islands 13 September 2013
National Agrarian Health Service Peru 30 September 2013
Bureau of Plant Industry The Philippines 7 November 2013
Department of Agriculture Plant Biosecurity Division Malaysia 11 March 2014
National Agriculture Quarantine and Inspection Authority Papua New Guinea 21 March 2014
Indonesian Agricultural Quarantine Agency Indonesia 7 July 2014
Ministry for Primary Industries New Zealand 12 August 2014
Thai Department of Agriculture Thailand 28 September 2016
Agricultural and Livestock Service Chile 12 October 2016
Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine Taiwan 18 December 2017
Plant Protection Department Vietnam 5 September 2019
National Plant Quarantine Service Sri Lanka 19 February 2020
Last reviewed: 3 March 2020
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