Biosecurity Emergency Management - Glossary

​The Biosecurity Emergency Management - Glossary has been developed by BEPWG to provide a single national point of reference for terms, acronyms and definitions commonly used during the response to biosecurity incidents.

Due to the generic nature of the definitions, it is acknowledged that some of the definitions provided in the Glossary may not align exactly to how they are currently defined in some sector specific documentation. For this reason the Biosecurity Emergency Management – Glossary is currently undergoing a trial period, prior to being endorsed by BEPWG and the National Biosecurity Committee. During this trial, biosecurity agencies are being requested to use the Glossary and provide comments that they may have, including additions and/or amendments to the BEPWG secretariat.

Some suggestions for using the Glossary include, but are not limited to:

  • during planning for response to biosecurity incidents
  • during staff training and development activities
  • during exercises that focus on elements of a biosecurity response
  • during the actual response to biosecurity incidents
  • during the evaluation of any of the above activities.




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Comments on the Glossary can be provided as text in an email or track changes in the attached document. When providing comments it would be appreciated if the context in which the Glossary was used is also identified. e.g. ‘used by Biosecurity Queensland staff, during the response to red banded mango caterpillar’.

Comments on the Glossary, or any questions you may have, can be directed to:

National Biosecurity Emergency Preparedness Expert Group
Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources
PO Box 858, Canberra ACT 2600

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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