Quarantine facility and fees

​​About our quarantine facility

Australia is free from a number of cat and dog diseases and has a highly favourable animal health status. In order to protect this status, cats and dogs must undertake a period of quarantine upon arrival in Australia. This quarantine period allows the Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment to monitor the animal's health and become aware of any disease concerns prior to the animal's release into Australia.

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment operates one cat and dog post entry quarantine facility in Mickleham (Melbourne, Victoria).

Fees for government animal quarantine facilities for cats and dogs apply.

The Post entry quarantine facility administration offices are closed on public holidays and weekends.

Please be aware that if, in the opinion of the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, your animal(s) require(s) veterinary attention whilst in quarantine, the department will arrange attendances and any necessary treatments by a private veterinarian on your behalf. You will be responsible for the payment of all costs and expenses associated with attendances or treatment by a private veterinarian and must pay all fees due to the private veterinarian prior to the release of your animal(s) from the Quarantine Facility.

Warning to Importers – Heat Stress Concern

Heat stress in cats and dogs is an issue of concern in Australia. Australia experiences extremely hot summers (December–February) and temperatures can exceed 40°C (104°F). There is a significant risk of heat–stroke during this time, particularly for animals that are already compromised due to a medical condition, age, breed (snub–nose e.g. Pug), long/thick hair, being overweight or with a previous history of heat stress.

We strongly advise all importers to:

  • discuss appropriate precautions with a veterinarian
  • arrange for animals to arrive in Australia early in the morning or later in the day (where possible and subject to normal collection times)
  • ensure water will be available during the animal's flight and the travel crate has suitable ventilation; and
  • clip the cat/dog's coat where appropriate, prior to arrival in Australia.

Please contact the Mickleham Post Entry Quarantine Facility if you require any further information on animal accommodation, arrival times or precautionary measures.​

Last reviewed: 4 February 2020
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