External and internal parasite treatment (dogs and cats)

This information can be printed and supplied to your preparing veterinarian though they must check and ensure that they strictly follow the manufacturer’s directions in relation to the re-application interval for the product they choose. The product must be registered for the control of fleas and ticks in the country of export. Where re-application intervals for fleas and ticks differ, the shortest re-application interval should be adhered to.

If you believe another treatment not listed below may be appropriate please contact the department prior to use.

Tick collars are not an acceptable method of external parasite treatment because the collar can be removed and/or may not be effective in adverse weather.

Medications of the isoxazoline class (for example, oral and topical Bravecto, oral Nexgard, Simparica and Credelio) and certain topical treatments such as selamectin (Revolution) for external parasite control are not acceptable because they require the tick or flea to bite the animal before they are affected by the product. When they bite the animal they can transmit diseases and therefore these products do not comply with Australia’s import policy.

External parasite treatments for dogs

Active ingredientExample brand names
FipronilEFFIPRO spot on solution for dogs, My Flea Guard, Pestigon, Eliminall Fleatix (Spot on) for dogs
Fipronil 0.25% Frontline Spray
Fipronil and S-methopreneFrontline Plus Spot-on
Fipronil and AmitrazCertifect
​​Fipronil and Cyphenothrin​Frontline Tritak for dogs, Parastar Plus
Permethrin (various concentrations)Defend (Merck-a spot on), Preventic Spot On, Fletic Spot On (Mini/Maxi), Advantix Spot On, Fortreon, Bayvantic, Bio Spot Spot On, Ovispot Plus, Active-3 Spot On, Vectra 3D, Permoxin rinse, Defendog Spray
Permethrin and PyriproxyfenDuogard Line On, Duowin Topical Spray
Permethrin and ImidaclopridDominal Max, Advantix
Permethrin 48.5% and IndoxacarbActivyl Tick Plus Spot On
Flumethrin Bayticol Dip & Spray
Amitraz and MetaflumizonePro Meris Duo Spot On
Pyriprole 12.5%Prac-Tic Spot On
EtofenproxBiospot Spot On, Zodiac Spot On, Ovitrol X-Tend Spot on
Ovitrol X-Tend Spray
PyrethrinsOvitrol Plus Spray, Adams Flea & Tick Spray
Pyrethrin 0.1% and Permethrin 0.1%Duocide LA Spray
Phenothrin 85.7% and Methoprene Hartz Ultragard Pro
Permethrin 36%, Dinotefuran and PyriproxyfenFirst Shield Trio, Simple Guard 3
Permethrin 44%, Pyriproxyfen 0.44% and Imidocloprid 8.8%K9 Advantix II

Internal parasite treatments for dogs

Pyrantel (as embonate/pamoate)Praziquantel
Oxantel (as embonate/pamoate)Niclosamide
Milbemycin oxime
Levamisole hydrochloride

Ectoparasite treatments for cats

Active ingredientBrand name
Fipronil Frontline Plus Spot On, Broadline Spot On
Fipronil 0.25%Frontline Spray
​Fipronil and Etofenprox​Frontline Tritak for cats
EtofenproxBio Spot Spot On, Sergeant’s Gold Squeeze On, Ovitrol X-Tend Spot On
Ovitrol X-Tend Spray,
PyrethrinsOvitrol Plus Spray
Pyrethrin and PermethrinDuocide LA Spray

Internal parasite treatments for cats

Pyrantel (as embonate/pamoate)Praziquantel
Milbemycin oximeNiclosamide
Levamisole hydrochloride
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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