Assistance for dairy manufacturers

As part of the Dairy Export Assurance Program (DEAP) we are offering assistance to dairy manufacturers looking to become export registered, and already registered manufacturers looking for new opportunities.

Our export facilitator service will work one on one with manufacturers and provide advice via email, phone, video call or face to face if possible. We will ask you to complete an initial questionnaire to understand your needs and the assistance we can provide, and at the end of the process we will seek your feedback so that we can understand how we helped and where we can improve.

The DEAP program will be developing new resources and learning packages for our dairy manufacturing industry so your feedback on your experiences is valuable to us and we hope to continue to work with you to grow and expand yours and Australia’s dairy export opportunities.

Our service:

We understand that the process to become export registered can be confusing for new entrants, our Export Facilitator service is here to support you to understand the process and what is required.

  1. We can provide support and work with you to understand:
    • the process to become export registered and what is required by you
    • what you are required to document in an approved arrangement
    • any technical components that will be reviewed at audit
      • the details of a HACCP plan
      • structural, hygiene, storage requirements
    • the types and level of information you are required to have documented
    • any importing country requirements that you may need to consider
  2. We are also available to support existing export establishments to:
    • gain greater understanding of the export system
    • explore market opportunities including helping you to understand any importing country requirements that you may need to consider
    • provide technical advice about dairy manufacturing processes
    • provide advice on variation of registrations and the steps involved

We cannot assess components of your approved arrangement or advise if they will be compliant at audit. We will provide you with advice and help you prepare for your audit before you work with your auditor on this part of the process.

Contact us: so we can help you get started.

Last reviewed: 2 March 2021
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