Market Access Advice Notices for Fish and Fish Products

These notices are intended as a guide to the export seafood industry. The notices provide advice on the changes to the export trade conditions for fish and fish products. Exporters and processors of fish and fish products are responsible for ensuring they are aware of, and comply with current importing country requirements and market access conditions.

Our key stakeholders, including export registered establishments, exporters and approved export permit issuers will be advised via email of newly issued n​​​otices. It is the responsibility of these stakeholders to ensure their contact details are kept up to date with the department, so they receive notification of newly issued notices and other important information.​

You can subscribe to receive Market Access Advice Notices via our email notification system. You may change or cancel your subscription at any time.

If you are an export registered establishment and wish to update your email address with the department, please send an email to Export Establishment Registration.

Please note, it is important to consider who in your business are the appropriate person/s to receive notifications from the department, and to have appropriate procedures in place to ensure important information is shared within your estab​​lishment. The department can keep two email contacts on file; one usually being within the operational section of your enterprise, and the other usually being within the business management/administration/head office of your enterprise.

If you are an exporter, or an approved export permit issuer, and wish to update your email address with the department, please send an email to ​EXDOC HelpDesk.​

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