2014-01 Administrative changes to the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System

​9 January 2014


All feeder and slaughter livestock



Relevant to

  1. Livestock exporters
  2. Department of Agriculture Live Animal Exports Officers
  3. LiveCorp and ALEC


To advise exporters of further administrative changes relating to the provision of Independent Initial Audit Reports (IIAR) and Independent Performance Audit Reports (IPAR) submitted on or after 9 January 2014.


Previously when submitting IIAR and IPAR exporters were required to submit a detailed summary of the audit and summary of audit for publication (SOAP).

The detailed summary of audit must include any additional information or comments made by the auditor in the audit checklist (as per EAN 2013-13).


Exporters submitting IIARs or IPARs to the department on or after 9 January 2014 are no longer required to obtain, submit or hold a SOAP for any ESCAS applications submitted on or after this date.

The Department of Agriculture will cease to publish SOAPs on the department’s website. The department will continue to investigate adverse audit findings and will regularly publish any critical audit findings on its website.

The department will shortly update the sample independent audit reports as provided in EAN 2013-05 and EAN 2013-06 to reflect the change.

James Wallner
Assistant Secretary (A/g)
Animal Export Operations Branch

Contact officer: Tim Naylor
Ph: (02) 6272 3933
Email livestock exports

Last reviewed: 11 November 2019
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