2015-10 - ESCAS Control and Traceability Standard and Audit Requirements for Vietnam Supply Chains

​​​​​19 October 2015​​​


To advise livestock exporters that an independent audit of control and traceability arrangements for every Vietnam supply chain is required by 31 December 2015 against the attached control and traceability standard. 


Exporters are required to verify effective implementation of the livestock export industry’s six point plan to address supply chain leakage in Vietnam.

To do this, livestock exporters must conduct an audit of each facility in every Vietnam supply chain against the attached control and traceability standard (Attachment A) using an independent auditor. The audit report is to be provided by the auditor to the department by 31 December 2015. Exporter must be satisfied that every facility in their supply chain(s) has been audited, and that the audit report details any non-conformances against the standard as well as the corrective actions required and taken to address the issue.

This audit is required in addition to Independent Performance Audit Report (IPAR) in accordance with the facility risk rating in Vietnam. In cases where exporters are about organise an audit for their IPAR requirement for October to December 2015 period, the exporter may choose to use the same auditor for both audits.

Please note, the department may not progress any applications by exporters for ‘Notice of Intentions’ to export to their supply chain(s) in Vietnam, if audit reports are incomplete or overdue.

Control and traceability standardPDF logo PDF [493 KB]​​

The livestock export industry has developed a standard for assessing ESCAS control and traceability requirements for cattle and buffalo. The standard was developed to ensure best practice and to improve consistency of independent auditing of ESCAS control and traceability requirements for cattle and buffalo.

The standard includes criteria for management, monitoring, recording and auditing of control and traceability within ESCAS supply chains and facilities.


To comply with ESCAS requirements, exporters must demonstrate that they have a supply chain assurance system that meets OIE standards for animal welfare. The exporter’s ESCAS assurance system must also effectively control movement of individual livestock within the supply chain, be able to trace livestock through to and including slaughter, and be independently verified and audited against these requirements.

On 17 April 2015, industry announced a six point plan for Vietnam supply chains to address current high risk issues, and to ensure ESCAS is consistently applied by all export and import participants (CCTV cameras to be installed in all Vietnamese abattoirs and feedlots handling Australian cattle).
The key principles are:

  • Access Standard: An exporter and their representative must have unrestricted access to all facilities within their supply chain
  • Traceability and Reporting Standard: An exporter must be able to individually identify the location of all animals in the supply chain through an electronic and visual traceability system
  • Equipment Standard: Essential equipment used to trace and handle livestock must be maintained in good repair and effective working order and auditable maintenance and replacement system must be in place
  • SOP Documentation Standard: Each facility must have knowledge of and display Standard Operating Procedures
  • Human Resources Standard: Each supply chain must have trained and dedicated staff at each critical control point to oversee, verify and audit animal welfare and traceability
  • CCTV Monitoring Standard: Working real time CCTV at key control points with remote monitoring and recording capability.


Narelle Clegg
Assistant Secretary
Live Animal Exports Branch
Exports Division
Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

Contact officer: David Kim
Ph: 02 6272 4581
Email: David Kim

Control and traceability standardPDF logo PDF [493 KB]​​

Last reviewed: 11 November 2019
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