2016-09 - Vessels discharging at multiple ports (dispensation requirements)

​​​20 April 2016

Species: All

Country: All

Relevant to:

  1. Livestock Exporters
  2. Australian Government Accredited Veterinarians (AAV)
  3. LiveCorp
  4. Department Officers


To advise exporters of the need to get dispensation from importing countries where livestock have been “co-loaded” for discharging in multiple countries.

Where dispensation is required, exporters are responsible for obtaining the necessary dispensations and providing evidence of this to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (the department).


Some export markets require livestock to be unloaded at one port only and do not allow multi‑port unloading, or transiting through another market, with “co-loaded” livestock.

These markets may sometimes provide dispensations to these requirements.  In some instances, the health conditions attached to the import permit include details for obtaining a dispensation.

For some markets, the requirements for obtaining a dispensation are not included in the protocol or import permit conditions. There are also some markets which are sensitive to these issues but do not have the requirement within their protocol or conditions.


Exporters wishing to unload “co-loaded” livestock for multiple destination ports are responsible for establishing whether any dispensation is required and for obtaining any necessary dispensations from the relevant importing country authority(ies).  Exporters are required to provide written evidence of any necessary dispensations to the department:

  • For exporters with an approved arrangements – dispensations that are to be submitted when an application for a health certificate and export permit is lodged as part of the core documents.
  • For exporters without an approved arrangement – dispensations are to be submitted with the Notice of Intention.
Failure to provide dispensations could result in an application being refused.


Approved by – Kate Makin, Program Manager, Live Animal Export Branch

Contact officer: Spencer Whitaker
Phone:              02 6272 4581
Email:               Livestock Export

Last reviewed: 11 November 2019
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