2017-03 - Additional auditing requirement for ESCAS

8 May 2017

Species: All livestock

Country: All

For information:

  1. Livestock Exporters
  2. Department Live Animal Export Officers


To advise livestock exporters of an additional auditing requirement for all Exporter Supply Chain Assurance Systems (ESCAS).

The auditing requirement outlined in this EAN is effective for audits conducted on or after 1 June 2017.


Previous audit reports were required to include street address details for each facility. Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates have now become more widely used for identifying locations of facilities.


In addition to the requirements outlined in EAN 2015-06, independent audit reports for all markets (both Independent Initial Audit Reports (IIAR), and Independent Performance Audit Reports (IPAR)) must contain the GPS coordinates of each facility in the supply chain.

Further Information

For further information exporters are able to contact the department by email at Live Stock Exports or by phone 02 6272 4581.

Erin Payne
Live Animal Exports Branch
Exports Division
Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

Contact officer: Alexandra Phillips
Phone: 02 6272 4581
Email: Live Stock Exports

Last reviewed: 11 November 2019
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