Export Industry Advice Notices - Plant Export Operations

​​​Interested stakeholders are encouraged to subscribe to the Industry Advice Notice (IAN) email notification system to receive announcements and updates on issues concerning the export of plants and plant products from Australia.

The Plant Exports - Grain subscription covers grains, pulses, oil seeds, seeds for sowing, nuts, mung beans, coffee beans, stock feed, seaweed, sugar, tea, tobacco leaf, logs, timber, wood packing, soil, fertiliser, lucerne pellets, mulch (bagged), orchid mix, compost, plant based pellets, potting mix, sand, seed raising mix, and dried and/or processed vegetables, flowers, herbs and spices for consumption only.

The Plant Exports - Hay and Straw subscription covers compound feed, chaff, fodder, mixed fermented feed, hay, kenaf, straw, sugarcane tops, mulch (baled), mushroom growing substrate (baled), peat, peat moss and sphagnum moss.

The Plant Exports - Horticulture subscription covers cut flowers and foliage, nursery stock, dried flowers and foliage, dried fruit, bulbs, corms, rhizomes, runners, stolons, tubers, budwood, cuttings, pollen, tissue cultures, advanced plants, advanced runners, rooted cuttings, trees and tubestock.

The Plant Exports - Fresh Fruit and Vegetable subscription covers fresh fruit and vegetables.

The Plant Exports - Registered Establishments subscription covers premises registered to prepare goods for export, export compliant goods storage and quality system recognition.


Plant Export Industry Advice Notices email notification system​ ​​​
Last reviewed: 4 January 2021
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