Australian fisheries communication strategy

​​​​​​​​The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources​​​ has undertaken a project aimed at improving public understanding of the seafood industry and fisheries management.

A key step was the commissioning of market research to better understand community attitudes towards the management of fisheries and the seafood industry.

The key finding of the research is that the seafood industry is not front-of-mind for the majority of the Australian community. In other words, people just don’t think about it. Also, despite Australia’s strong and proud record in fisheries management, there is a perception that the industry may not be managed as sustainably as it could be. Importantly, however, the research found that the public want to have pride and confidence in the seafood industry, and if given the right message, are open to be convinced about the industry's positive attributes.​

Market research

This research resulted in three reports: a market research report, a quantitative research debrief and a stakeholder analysis report.​​

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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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