National Indigenous Forestry Strategy

​​​​The Australian Government, in consultation with Indigenous communities and forest industry stakeholders, developed the National Indigenous Forestry Strategy PDF PDF Icon [298 KB, 32 pages​]. The strategy was launched in July 2005.

A key aim of the strategy is to encourage Indigenous participation in the forest industry by forming business partnerships with the forestry industry to provide long-term benefits to Indigenous communities, as well as to the forest and wood products industry. Initiatives with industry can be associated with forest plantations and timber processing. Other initiatives could involve cultural and eco tourism, bush tucker, traditional medicines bee keeping and other forest based ventures.

National indigenous forest mapping website

Image of National Indigenous Forest Mapping website screenshotTo support the National Indigenous Forestry Strategy, the department developed the National indigenous forest mapping website.

This site is designed for users to produce forest-related maps based on Australian indigenous areas. From that website you can:
  • Find summary statistics on forest areas and socio-economic information for each Indigenous Coordination Centre (ICC) area.
  • Make your own maps of forests for each state, or ICC area and save them to use in your own reports.
  • Find out summary information on Australia's forest types and main species.
  • Find many links to other websites for further information on forestry, soils and indigenous information.
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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