Regional Forest Agreements

Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs) are long-term plans for the sustainable management and conservation of Australia’s native forests. There are 10 RFAs in four states covering commercial native forestry regions – five in Victoria, three in New South Wales and one each in Western Australia and Tasmania.

The RFAs seek to balance economic, social and environmental demands on forests by setting obligations and commitments for forest management that deliver:

  • certainty of resource access and supply to industry – building investment confidence
  • ecologically sustainable forest management – ensuring forests are appropriately managed and regenerated
  • an expanded and permanent forest conservation estate – to provide for the protection of Australia’s unique forest biodiversity.

The RFAs result from scientific study, consultation and negotiation covering a diverse range of interests. Our website contains many historical documents that show the detailed scientific, economic and social processes that underpinned the development of each RFA.

For details on how each of the 10 RFAs have been implemented by the states, see the relevant state forestry website.

About RFAs

The department has recently developed a booklet about RFAs, Regional Forest Agreements – an overview and history PDF PDF Icon [10.7 MB, 12 pages]. This booklet provides historical information about the development and operation of RFAs.


The RFAs cover forested regions where commercial wood production is a major native forest use.

The region-specific RFA webpages provide information about the RFAs, five-yearly RFA reviews, and historical publications associated with the development of each RFA.

The Australian and Queensland governments completed a Comprehensive Regional Assessment for South-East Queensland but did not sign an RFA.



Information released under the FOI Act

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment received a request (ref: FOI 2014/15-20) under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) for documents regarding the extension, rollover or review of the Regional Forest Agreements.

Documents released under the FOI Act are available on the department's FOI disclosure log.

Last reviewed: 22 October 2020
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