Failing Food Report – January 2019

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Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, January 2019​

This report details food that was found to fail under the Imported Food Inspection Scheme during the month. For full data on activity and compliance under the Scheme refer to the six monthly Imported Food Inspection Data reports.


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Risk/Advisory food tests (targeted monitoring of food for compliance to safety standards)

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (the department) targets and monitors food determined to pose a high or medium risk to public health. Risk food is targeted at the rate of 100 per cent until a history of food safety compliance is established. When an emerging human health and safety hazard is identified in food, the department may temporarily increase monitoring and testing. This is referred to as advisory food.

The following table details where noncompliant food was detected. Advisory food is marked with an asterisk in the table.

The noncompliant food was not distributed for sale in Australia. It was destroyed by the importer or re-exported to the country of origin under department supervision. Future consignments continue to be targeted at 100 per cent until a history of compliance is established. More information o​n risk food and the tests applied under the IFIS can be found on the Tests applied to risk food webpages.

Microbiological / Allergen tests

Date of failProduct descriptionCountry of originProducer nameOrganism or analyteResult/sUnitsStandard
2/01/2019Frozen oyster meatChinaFujian Ming Xing Frozen Food Co LtdE. coli2.3, 7.5, 0.74, <2.3, <2.3MPN/gMOL 04/2017
4/01/2019Chilli powderIndiaBrahmins Food India Pvt Ltd (India)SalmonellaDetected /125gSPI 07/2018
2/01/2019Kashmiri chilli powderIndiaTapovan Impex Private LimitedSalmonellaDetected /125gSPI 07/2018
2/01/2019Frozen whole cooked lobsterBrazilCompex - Industria E Comercio De Pesca E Exportacao LtdaCoagulase-positive Staphylococci<100, 7200, <100, <100, <100cfu/gCRU 11/2018
24/01/2019Peperoncino cheeseItalyCentral Trasformazione Latte S.R.LListeria monocytogenesDetected /125gCHE 07/2018

Chemical/Contaminant/Toxin test results

Date of failProduct descriptionCountry of originProducer nameOrganism or analyteResult/sUnitsStandard
3/01/2019Dried keeramin fishSri LankaDundy Trading CompanyHistamine570mg/kgHIS 12/2016
8/01/2019Blanched peanutsChinaShandong Fengsheng Foods Co LtdAflatoxin0.11mg/kgNUT 11/2018
9/01/2019Dried keeramin sardinella fishSri LankaDerana Marketing Services Pvt LtdHistamine250mg/kgHIS 12/2016
9/01/2019Roasted peanutsIndonesiaPt Dua KelinciAflatoxin0.016mg/kgNUT 11/2018
7/01/2019Fresh tunaMaldivesBigfish MaldivesHistamine1865mg/kgHIS 12/2016
7/01/2019Fresh yellowfin tunaMaldivesBigfish MaldivesHistamine417mg/kgHIS 12/2016
11/01/2019Dried keeramin fishSri LankaJk Agro Spice PackersHistamine1400mg/kgHIS 12/2016
11/01/2019Maldive fish chipsSri LankaJk Agro Spice PackersHistamine1200mg/kgHIS 12/2016
11/01/2019Fish chips Sri LankaJk Agro Spice PackersHistamine1300mg/kgHIS 12/2016
11/01/2019Fish chipsSri LankaLanka Canneries LimitedHistamine930mg/kgHIS 12/2016

Random monitoring of food for compliance

The department operates a five per cent random surveillance scheme to monitor a range of food imported into Australia for compliance to some standards in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.  These tests are applied as part of a rolling program of surveillance on the Australian food supply.

The following table details where results were found to be noncompliant with food standards. Future consignments of this food are subject to an increased rate of testing until a history of compliance is achieved.

More information on surveillance food and the tests applied can be found on the Tests applied to surveillance food webpage.

Date of failProduct descriptionCountry of originProducer nameOrganism or analyteResult/sUnitsStandard
3/01/2019Taro powderTaiwanChouki International Company LtdColour Erythrosine (E127)Not permitted in this food FSC 1.3.1
3/01/2019Whole green chilliesIndiaAdf Foods (India)Parathion-ethyl0.09mg/kgFSC 1.4.2
11/01/2019MargarineIndonesiaPt BerkatindoVitamin B1, B2, B3Not permitted in this food FSC 1.3.2
11/01/2019Steam rose cake mix (kue mangkok)IndonesiaPondan Pangan MakmurColour Erythrosine (E127)Not permitted in this food  FSC 1.3.1
11/01/2019Diced strawberriesChinaShouguang Tiancheng Hongli Food Co LtdProcymidone0.03mg/kgFSC 1.4.2
15/01/2019Pre-cooked cerealSri LankaCeylon Biscuits Ltd (Sri Lanka)Vitamin B12Not permitted in this food  FSC 1.3.2
15/01/2019Hot vegetable atcharSouth AfricaPacko (Verulam South Africa)Irradiated chilli, mustard, turmericIrradiated - not a permitted treatment for this foodmg/kgFSC 1.2.1/FSC 1.5.3
11/12/2018Dried jujube Republic of KoreaBethany FoodBifenthrin
mg/kgFSC 1.4.2
22/01/2019Spinach leavesIndiaVadilal Industries LimitedAcephate0.13mg/kgFSC 1.4.2
22/01/2019Fresh sugar snap peasChinaJining Pengjie Trading Co LtdPropiconazole
mg/kgFSC 1.4.2
30/01/2019Chopped spinachChinaGaomi Ruifeng Foods Co LtdCarbendazim0.052mg/kgFSC 1.4.2
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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