Failing Food Report – November 2017

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Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, November 2017

This report details food that was found to fail under the Imported Food Inspection Scheme during the month. For full data on activity and compliance under the Scheme refer to the six monthly Imported Food Inspection Data reports.


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Risk/Advisory food tests (targeted monitoring of food for compliance to safety standards)

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (the department) targets and monitors food determined to pose a high or medium risk to public health. Risk food is targeted at the rate of 100 per cent until a history of food safety compliance is established. When an emerging human health and safety hazard is identified in food, the department may temporarily increase monitoring and testing. This is referred to as advisory food.

The following table details where noncompliant food was detected. Advisory food is marked with an asterisk in the table.

The noncompliant food was not distributed for sale in Australia. It was destroyed by the importer or re-exported to the country of origin under department supervision. Where a product is found to be noncompliant because the label does not have the mandatory allergen declaration, the product must be destroyed, re-exported or re-labelled to include the mandatory declaration. Future consignments continue to be targeted at 100 per cent until a history of compliance is established. More information on risk food and the tests applied under the IFIS can be found on the Tests applied to risk food webpages.

Microbiological / Allergen tests

Date of failProduct descriptionCountry of originProducer nameOrganism or AllergenResult/sUnitsStandard
2/11/2017Cooked and peeled shrimpThailandKongphop Frozen Foods Co Ltd (Establishment 1201)Standard plate count100000, 80000, 82000, ~300000, 200000cfu/g CRU 05/2014
7/11/2017Crushed black pepperSri LankaKings Foods Pvt Ltd (Sri Lanka) SalmonellaDetected/125g SPI 05/2014
6/11/2017Cooked tiger prawnsVietnamQuoc Viet Seaproducts Vibrio choleraDetected/125g CRU 05/2014
6/11/2017Cooked whole prawnsMalaysiaQl Marine Products Sdn BhdStandard plate count~400, ~500, ~200, ~11000000, 5700cfu/g CRU 05/2014
8/11/2017Cooked crab claw meatVietnamAsia Food Stuffs Import Export Co.,Ltd.Standard plate count

Coagulase-positive staphylococci

4900000, <1000, 3700000, 3700000, 4900000

940, <10, 460, 950, 200

cfu/g CRU 05/2014
13/11/2017Dried coconut fleshIndonesiaUd Galang SalmonellaDetected/250g DC 05/2014
15/11/2017Cooked king crab clustersChileSociedad Vasquez Y Sanchez LtdaStandard plate count7700, 5300, >3000000, 4500, 23000cfu/g CRU 05/2014
16/11/2017Halva with cocoaTurkeyCelikler Gida San Tric Ltd Sti SalmonellaDetected/125g SES 05/2014
14/11/2017Cooked prawn cutletsMalaysiaJeen Huat Food Stuffs Industries Sdm Bhd (Malaysia)Standard plate count230000, 370000, 390000, 150000, 220000cfu/g CRU 05/2014
20/11/2017Cooked prawn plattersVietnamQuocviet Seaproducts Processing Trading Co Ltd (Vietnam) Vibrio choleraDetected/125g CRU 05/2014
20/11/2017Crab meatVietnamTan Thanh Loi Frozen Food Co LtdStandard plate count380000, 110000, 200000, 55000, 340000cfu/g CRU 05/2014


Kashmiri chilli powderIndiaKottackal Agro Foods SalmonellaDetected/125g SPI 05/2014
14/11/2017Sesame whiteIndiaGalaximperts SalmonellaDetected/125g SES 05/2014
29/11/2017Carpet shell clamsPortugalAntonio Ramos & Costa S.A. E. coli<2.3, <2.3, <2.3, <2.3, 24MPN/g MOL 04/2017
30/11/2017Cooked black tiger shrimpMalaysiaSb Marine Products Sdn BhdStandard plate count1000000, 30000, 44000, 280000, 270000cfu/g CRU 05/2014

Chemical / Contaminant / Toxin test results

Date of failProduct descriptionCountry of originProducer nameOrganism or Allergen Result/sUnitsStandard
3/11/2017Salted anchoviesPhilippinesKaelen Phils IncHistamine220mg/kg HIS 12/2016
9/11/2017Dried anchoviesIndiaSaad N Faraj InternationalHistamine380mg/kg HIS 12/2016
13/11/2017Dried bonito fishSri LankaThineera TradersHistamine2900mg/kg HIS 12/2016
13/11/2017Dried spratsSri LankaThineera TradersHistamine610mg/kg HIS 12/2016
28/11/2017Yellowfin tuna loinSri LankaCeylon Fresh Seafood(Pvt)LtdHistamine600mg/kg HIS 12/2016
30/11/2017Yellowfin tunaMaldivesCmf Fish Processing FactoryHistamine1500mg/kg HIS 12/2016
30/11/2017Yellowfin tunaMaldivesCmf Fish Processing FactoryHistamine1700mg/kg HIS 12/2016
22/11/2017Keerimeen dry fishSri LankaJk Agro Spice PackersHistamine210mg/kg HIS 12/2016
22/11/2017Maldive fish chipsSri LankaJk Agro Spice PackersHistamine490mg/kg HIS 12/2016

Random monitoring of food for compliance

The department operates a five per cent random surveillance scheme to monitor a range of food imported into Australia for compliance to some standards in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. These tests are applied as part of a rolling program of surveillance on the Australian food supply.

The following table details where results were found to be noncompliant with food standards. Future consignments of this food are subject to an increased rate of testing until a history of compliance is achieved.

More information on surveillance food and the tests applied can be found on the Tests applied to surveillance food webpage.

Date of failProduct descriptionCountry of originProducer nameOrganism or AnalyteResult/sUnitsStandard
6/11/2017Yellow croaker fishChinaZhejiang Evernew Seafood Co LtdCiprofloxacin
mg/kg FSC 1.4.2
7/11/2017Frozen soft shell crabMyanmarCrabs World Industries CoNitroflurans0.0033mg/kg FSC 1.4.2
9/11/2017Canned pickled plumsJapanZhangpu Chang Sheng Nong Chan Co LtdLead0.11mg/kg FSC 1.4.1
6/11/2017Formulated sports supplementUnited StatesSevenpoint2 LLCCompositionFormulated supplementary foods must contain in a serving no less then 550kj FSC 2.9.3-5
14/11/2017Fresh barramundi filletsIndonesiaPt Intimas SuryaMalachite green0.019mg/kg FSC 1.4.2
16/11/2017Baby okraIndiaGlobal Gourmet Pvt LtdAcephate0.03mg/kg FSC 1.4.2
10/11/2017Asiago DOP cheeseItalyBattistella Formaggi E. coli<0.30, 46, 15, <0.30, 15MPN/g FSC 1.6.1
Schedule 27
13/11/2017Fermented bean curdChinaKaiping Guanghe Fermented Bean Curd LtdBacillus cereus2200, 5300, 2000, 3300, 2800cfu/g Imported Food Control Act section 3(2)
23/11/2017Asiago pressato DOPItalyBattistella Formaggi E. coli4.3, >110, >110, 46, 9.3MPN/g FSC 1.6.1
22/11/2017Basa cutletVietnamAgifish CoEnrofloxacin0.0066mg/kg FSC 1.4.2
28/11/2017Betel nutIndiaPankaj Exports (India)Betel nutProhibited plant FSC 1.4.4
29/11/2017Frozen taro bunTaiwanKang Chiao Foods Co., LtdErythrosine 127Not permitted in this food FSC 1.3.1
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