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New Export Legislation

On 28 March 2021 Australia’s new legal framework for agricultural exports commenced. The Australian Government introduced the new export legislation as part of a wider initiative to strengthen Australia’s agricultural exports and market access. This initiative will make the laws more relevant, responsive and efficient, provide the same level of regulatory oversight, remove duplication, and ensure consistency across the commodities where possible. This will allow for a streamlined approach to regulating different prescribed commodities and will ensure the framework is more accessible for exporters.

The Improved Agricultural Export Legislation web page:

  • provides an overview of the new legal framework for agricultural exports comprising the Export Control Act 2020 (the Act), the Export Control Rules 2021 (the Rules) and the Export Control (Consequential and Transitional Provisions) Act 2020 (the C&T Act).
  • Includes links to the Act, the Rules and the C&T Act and information sheets to assist your understanding of the new legislation.

Current export legislation

In addition to the new legal framework for agricultural exports, the following legislation is in force:

Last reviewed: 21 April 2021
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