Indonesia-Australia Partnership on Food Security in the Red Meat and Cattle Sector

​​​​​​​The Indonesia–Australia Partnership on Food Security in the Red Meat and Cattle Sector (the partnership) is a bilateral initiative established in 2013. Its aim is to develop a competitive, efficient and sustainable Australia–Indonesia red meat and cattle industry as part of a globally competitive supply chain.

The partnership is a unique forum that brings together Indonesian and Australian decision makers from government and industry to foster enduring relations and to maximise the opportunities for development and collaboration amongst the Indonesian and Australian red meat and cattle sector.

The Department of Agriculture is represented on the partnership’s Australian delegation and provides secretariat support along with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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Programmes of work

Advice and recommendations from the partnership are translated into practical work programmes to develop a competitive, efficient and sustainable Australia-Indonesia beef and cattle industry.

As of April 2016 more than $15 million had been contributed by the partnership to programmes on priority development areas in the red meat and cattle sector, such as breeding, transport and logistics, processing and skills development. Programmes funded since 2013 include:

Indonesia-Australia Commercial Cattle Breeding Program

This $8 million (2016–2019) programme aims to work with medium to large enterprises, and commercial smallholder cooperatives to develop commercially sustainable beef cattle breeding models. The outcomes of this project will be shared with the broader commercial beef cattle industry in Indonesia, enabling innovation, expansion and investment in the sector. For more information visit the Indonesia-Australia Commercial Cattle Breeding website.

Skills Development Short Courses

This $5.5 million (2015–2017) short course programme supports skills and capability transfer in the Indonesian government and red meat and cattle sector. The programme reaches the entire supply chain, from producers and processors to policy makers which are responsible for agricultural and trade policy development. The programme aims to increase the understanding, knowledge and vocational skills of those working in the industry and government in Indonesia to promote global competencies.

Development of a Best Practice Guideline

An industry best practice guideline is being developed to improve cattle handling and transportation facilities at dedicated cattle seaports in Indonesia. The English and Bahasa Indonesian guideline will include detailed information for Indonesian ports, inter-island transport, loading and unloading, transport to feedlot, lairage and abattoir.

Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in Indonesian Abattoirs

This programme is focused on translating and facilitating the development of SOPs of practical hygiene standards and hygienic production of meat in Indonesian abattoirs. The outcomes of this activity support the Indonesian processing sector through improved hygiene and sanitation practices, which allow the industry to work towards export competitiveness.

Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association (NTCA) Pastoral Student Programme

Indonesian undergraduate agricultural students undertake a combination of competency-based accredited learning and real industry experience through extensive industry training and placements at selected corporate and family run cattle stations in the Northern Territory. For more information visit the NTCA website.

East Kalimantan Breeder Support Programme

This project is providing oversight of breeder cattle supplied by Australia on smallholder farms in East Kalimantan. The programme has employed a highly experienced Australian livestock manager to provide technical advice and training on breeder health, productivity and welfare to farmers, government officials and extension services staff.

Partnership e-update

The Partnership e-update is distributed monthly by the Partnership secretariat. Each update highlights activities of Partnership projects, recent meetings, key events and upcoming meetings or events.

Partnership newsletter

The Partnership newsletter helps builds awareness of the work and achievements of Partnership activities and includes interviews, photos, updates on programme activities and case studies. It is produced bi-annually in both English and Bahasa.

Funding arrangement

The partnership is a joint agreement between heads of government and is underpinned by a $60 million fund provided by the Australian Government over ten years to 2024. Funding comprises $50 million of Official Development Assistance (ODA) administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and $10 million of non-ODA funding administered by the Department of Agriculture.


The partnership has membership from Indonesian and Australian national government agencies, as well as prominent members from across the red meat and cattle sectors and business and investment community. Non-government members from Australia and Indonesia bring a wealth of experience in areas such as cattle processing and livestock production, livestock export, breeding, and broader business and investment expertise.

The partnership reports to the Australian Minister for Agriculture and the Chairman of Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board as the leading Ministers for the partnership.

The partnership is co-chaired by Ms Louise van Meurs—First Assistant Secretary, Trade and Market Access Division in the Department of Agriculture and Dr Himawan Hariyoga—Deputy Chairman of the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board.

The project management and secretariat support for the partnership is provided by the Indonesia Partnership Unit within the Department of Agriculture and the Indonesia Economic, Trade and Infrastructure section in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Austrade are also an Australian Government Partnership member.

Partnership meetings

Partnership members come together twice a year (alternating between Indonesia and Australia) to discuss issues and opportunities in the Australia–Indonesia red meat and cattle supply chain. This provides an opportunity for key government and industry stakeholders from both countries to discuss relevant policy matters to increase their shared understanding and work together for mutual benefit. These discussions often lead to recommendations for the partnership’s work programme.

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Contact the secretariat of the partnership if you require further information by email at IA RMCP Secretariat.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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