UN Food Systems Summit 2021

The United Nations (UN) is hosting a Food Systems Summit in 2021. As a UN member, Australia is participating in this event.

The aim of the summit is to raise awareness of the critical role that agriculture and food systems play in achieving a sustainable future. Outcomes go towards achieving the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). Each of these goals contribute to achieving healthier, more sustainable, fairer food systems.

The food system includes all actors and activities involved in the production, aggregation, processing, distribution, consumption and disposal of food products from agriculture, forestry and fisheries, and the broader economic, social and environmental contexts in which these activities take place (FAO, 2018). Food systems are complex and interconnected.

The world’s food systems are facing many challenges, including here in Australia. For example, there is a need to ensure more sustainable food production, to feed more people and to enable farmers and producers to make a decent living from agriculture. Reducing hunger and malnutrition around the world and managing risks from climate change are also key.

Australia supports the UN’s goal of delivering more sustainable, productive and resilient agricultural and food systems for producers and consumers alike.

The Food Systems Summit will bring together policy-makers, farmers, industry, academia and community groups from around the world, to discuss these challenges and share potential solutions and innovations.

National Food System Summit Dialogues


In the lead up to the Food Systems Summit, a high-level political event planned for September 2021, UN member countries, including Australia, will be holding Food Systems Summit Dialogue sessions. These sessions will raise awareness of food production issues and challenges in Australia and provide an opportunity for stakeholders to share their perspectives. A synthesis of these sessions will comprise a key part of Australia’s input into the final Food Systems Summit.  

Australia will host these sessions in the first half of 2021 in the form of webinars. More information on discussion topics and how to register will be available shortly.

Organisations and individuals can also hold Independent Dialogues in support of the summit and its objectives. If you or your organisation have an interest in hosting an Independent Dialogue, further information including how to register, see Independent Dialogues.

If you have any queries on any matters relating to the Food Systems Summit and Australia’s engagement, please contact foodsystemssummitaustralia@agriculture.gov.au

Please see below for further information:
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Last reviewed: 12 February 2021
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