Comparison of spur-throated locust and Bermius brachycetus nymphs

​Comparison of spur-throated locust and Bermius brachycetus nymphs

Spur-throated locust - Austracris guttulosa

Graphic: Two colour morphs of spur-throated locust nymphs - note the white stripe along the top of the thorax. 

Bermius brachycetus

Graphic: Side view of a Bermius nymph.  

Major differences between nymphs of these species: older Bermius nymphs are similar in size and colour to spur-throated locust nymphs but can be differentiated by:

  • Bermius has a dark stripe along the side of the body, starting from near the top of the eyes and thinning out past the rear legs, although this gets less distinct in later instars
  • for the same size nymph, spur-throated locusts have a shorter wing bud
  • ​​ Bermius nymphs have a smoother and shinier texture than spur-throated nymphs

Compare spur-throated locust nymphs with similar species: | Valanga | Bermius |

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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