2. Spur-throated locust: Austracris guttulosa

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Graphic: side view of an adult spur-throated locust - note prominent spines on rear leg tibia. Graphic: top view of a spur-throated locust adult showing finely mottled forewing and clear hindwing.

Size: Females 45 to 65 mm, males 35 to 45 mm

Adult Description: Colour usually predominantly grey. In profile the head, thorax and wings in one straight line. It belongs to a common group of grasshoppers which are characterised by having a spur on the throat. In this species it is quite prominent (about 2-3 mm long) and has a curve to the back. From above, the head and thorax have a central light stripe. A long thin triangle extends down from the eyes. Fore wings are finely mottled and the rear wings are clear. The rear leg tibia is pink to mauve and has prominent spines that are white with a dark tip.

Confusion with Australian plague locust: The very large sized, elongate, often grey body, is hard to confuse.

Confusion with Valanga: Similar size, shape and both have a throat peg (compare photos).

Confusion with Austracris basalis: A. basalis is a more coastal species that has spines on the tibia of the rear legs that are yellow with black tips.

Unique features: The combination of large size, a spur throat with the grey body and light stripe along the top of the head and thorax, the rear tibia spines white with a dark tip and clear hind wings.

Further information on this species: Description of nymph, More images, Distribution, Biology

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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