7. Yellow winged locust: Gastrimargus musicus

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Graphic: side view of an adult yellow winged locust. Graphic: top view of an adult yellow winged locust showing the distinctive hind wing.

Size: Females 35 to 50 mm, males 25 to 35 mm

Adult Description: Colour is usually green,sometimes to pale brown and more fully brown in the gregarious phase. In profile the head is slightly lower than the thorax but both are raised above the line of the wings. Thorax has a central ridge. The folded wings are darker in profile than the rest of the body (especially in green specimens) and have several lighter marks. The hind wing is very distinctive with a bright yellow colour and a black band. The rear leg tibia is orange to red except for a lighter patch at the top. Males of this large locust makes a loud crackling sound during flight when approached. Throat peg absent. This species is an infrequent pest of crops and pasture.

Confusion with Australian plague locust: At a distance it is a similar shape but stouter and larger.

Confusion with migratory locust: Both are large locusts with a raised thorax in profile and similar colours in the non-swarm phase (compare photos).

Unique features: The yellow, black banded hind-wings in combination with the loud flight noise. A larger stouter locust than the Australian plague locust.

Phases: The yellow winged and the migratory locust change their appearance when swarming. Adults become dark brown with bigger changes in the nymphs.

Further information on this species: Description of nymph

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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