Fees for government animal quarantine facilities for cats and dogs

We charge fees for use of the post entry quarantine (PEQ) facility in Mickleham, Victoria, when you are importing your cat or dog into Australia. These fees are calculated on a cost recovery basis.

The minimum cost for one cat or dog to undergo a minimum 10 days quarantine isolation is approximately $2000. There may be additional fees if the animal needs extra parasite treatments, veterinary care, an extended stay in quarantine or other services.

Note: separate fees apply for cat and dog import permit applications.

Fees are subject to change without notice. It is the importer’s responsibility to keep up to date with changes to fees, policies and procedures.

Full details of the fees and levies for quarantine services can be found in the department’s charging guidelines.

Booking your cat or dog into quarantine

Find out how to book your cat or dog into the Mickleham PEQ facility.

Invoices for quarantine fees

You will receive two invoices for the cost of your animal’s stay in the PEQ facility.

The first (set fee) invoice includes:

  • standard veterinary inspection of the animal and health certification
  • document assessment
  • an International Documentation Fee (IDF) charged by the local airport freight handler
  • the daily rate for quarantine accommodation.

These fees are the set minimum charges that can be calculated for your animal ’s quarantine isolation period. You must pay this invoice in full before we will confirm your booking.

The second (variable expenses) invoice includes any additional fees due to circumstances such as:

  • subsequent inspection/s caused by non-compliant or incomplete documentation arriving with the animal
  • subsequent daily fees where import conditions have not been met
  • transportation costs caused by delayed flights
  • service fees if your animal requires hospitalisation in the case of an emergency
  • any other third party expenses incurred during the quarantine isolation period.

Payment of invoices

You must pay your account in full before your animal’s release from the PEQ facility. If the release date falls on a weekend or public holiday, you must pay all invoices in full by close of business on the last business day before the release date.

Payment for post entry quarantine facility invoices must be made by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) through the Post-Entry Quarantine Reservations system.

If circumstances change during the quarantine isolation period, the department may issue refunds or additional invoices (if applicable) but processing times apply.

If you have any queries about fees and payment, please email the Booking and Invoicing team.

Fees and charges

The following table outlines the set fees and charges for cats and dogs completing post entry quarantine.

Additional fees may apply.




Quarantine entry
(listed as ‘Lodgement-Manual’ on initial invoice)

Fee is charged for each animal


Veterinary examination of animal and health certification
(listed as ‘LAI In Office (1/4hr) Anim/Rep’ on initial invoice)

Fee per 15 minutes. This fee is charged for each animal.


Document clearance
(listed as ‘LAI In Office (1/4hr) Anim/Rep’ on initial invoice)

This fee is charged for each animal. If additional information is required to complete document assessment an additional $40 per 15 minutes will be charged.


PEQ importation chargeLevy$1200

Accommodation of a cat

Daily rate for the first cat


Accommodation of an additional cat in the consignment*, if sharing accommodation with the first cat

Daily rate for subsequent cats


Accommodation of a dog

Daily rate for the first dog


Accommodation of an additional dog in the consignment*, if sharing accommodation with the first dog

Daily rate for subsequent dogs


Any additional veterinary care

Additional veterinary care, e.g. booster vaccinations, are provided by a private veterinarian


Stowage of goods

Animals not removed after quarantine finishes


International Documentation Fee (IDF)

This fee is charged by the airline and is paid by the department on your behalf upon collection of your animal from the airport. It appears on the first invoice.


*A consignment for this purpose is defined as cats and/or dogs being sent:

  • to Australia
  • at the same time from the same country of export
  • with the same importer and exporter details listed on the import permit.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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