Horticulture export accredited properties

​On 25 September 2018, the Export Control (Plants and Plant Products) Order 2011 was amended to include a new provision for the accreditation of properties exporting to protocol markets. This amendment formalises the previous arrangements for export listing and protocol accreditations.

Protocol markets are those with a specific agreement or understanding in place between that country and Australia regarding a specific product.

Why are we accrediting properties for protocol markets?

Australia’s horticulture industry operates in a highly competitive international market.

Importing countries are increasingly requiring assurance of the integrity of Australian exports. Meeting the expectations of our trading partners is key to continuing strong global demand for our products.

In response to this demand, we are introducing a number of initiatives. Our goal is to:

  • streamline export processes
  • protect our reputation as an exporter of high quality agricultural products (primarily due to our high standards across all stages of the supply chain, from farm to consumer).

What’s changing for clients?

Properties, including farms and packhouses, will need to be accredited by the department, if the importing country requires the property to follow specific procedures or systems.

Any existing export listed properties at the time of commencement are automatically recognised as accredited properties under the new legislation.

Any properties that were not export listed at the time the new legislation commenced will need to apply for accreditation.

Clients should also be aware of terminology changes under the new legislation:

Previous New
Registration Accredited property
Export approval Accredited property
Patch, orchard, etc. Block
Grower Farm
Owner/responsible party Manager
Approval Accreditation

What do property managers need to do?

As the manager of a horticulture export accredited property, there are some important things you must do.

This fact sheet steps through common situations you may encounter and what you should do.


Document Pages File size
Information for managers of accredited properties PDF  2 527 KB
Information for managers of accredited properties DOCX  2 39 KB

Export requirements

Protocol requirements may include:​

  • where and how the products are grown
  • packaging requirements
  • sampling.

Exporters are responsible for checking the export regulatory requirements.

Before you export:

Management and audit of accredited properties

Find out more about management and audit of horticulture export accredited properties in the Plant Export Operations Manual.

Apply for accreditation

To receive notification when applications open for export to specific markets, register for Indust​ry Advice Notices.

Last reviewed: 1 December 2020
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