Dairy allergen tests applied to coconut milk drinks – Food Standards Code Standard 1.2.3

​​Where dairy content is not declared on the label in an allergy statement or in the ingredients list the following tests will be applied to coconut milk drinks:

List of dairy allergen tests and compliance requirements
Test codeTestsCompliance requirement (Limit of reporting)
Dairy allergen (ALLEGEND)Beta-lactoglobulin< 0.1 ppm
Casein (expressed as skim milk powder)< 1.0 ppm
Total milk (expressed as a non-fat dried milk)< 2.5 ppm

If the test detects the presence of dairy content it will also be classified as a LABEL fail against Food Standards Code Standard 1.2.3.

The importer may elect to apply a compliant label or export or destroy the food.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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