Notice to Industry – Pigeon Imports


This purpose of this webpage is to assist importers with the submission of information/applications to the department for the import of pigeon consignments.

This document is provided for information only. To the extent that this document is inconsistent with any import permit, direction, industry notice or authorisation to enter a quarantine isolation facility, the terms and conditions of the import permit, direction, industry notice or authorisation to enter a quarantine isolation facility take precedence and will apply. Failure to comply with a condition of an import permit, direction, industry notice or authorisation to enter a quarantine isolation facility may constitute an offence.

Submission of applications and documentation

The following table summarises the timeframes for submission of forms and applications. Information regarding the details of these is not covered in this document. Details are available on the department’s website and/or via the relevant contacts listed below.

Application or form to be submitted by the importer

Date or time

Contact/more information

Booking the quarantine facility

On or before 30 April during the calendar year prior to import

Complete the Application for booking at PEQ – Avian Compound

Note: a charge is payable secure the booking.
Please refer to the department’s charging guidelines for more information on post-entry quarantine fees.


Apply for import permit

Six (6) months prior to import

See the applica​tion forms on the department’s web site.


  • Copy of health certificate 1
  • A list and description of all the pigeons in the consignment including their leg band and microchip numbers as certified by the Official Veterinarian (as per health certificate 2),
  • any supporting source flock declarations, and
  • any pre-entry to pre-export quarantine (PEQ) laboratory testing results if applicable.

Within one (1) week after the pigeons have entered PEQ

Email: peqvets and avianimports.


  • Notice of  intent to import pigeons form (NOI)​
  • Copy of health certificate 2
  • Draft health certificate 3 certified by government approved veterinarian and pre-export laboratory results for a pre-export compliance check prior to loading for export to Australia
Note: Draft health certificate 3 may be submitted without certification of the final health check conducted by the government approved veterinarian (condition m) and the final anthelmintic treatment prior to export (condition j, dot point 2).

At least seven (7) business days prior to scheduled arrival of pigeons in Australia

Technical Team Leader or appointed biosecurity officer delegate of the government facility at PEQ Services, peqvets and avianimports.



On arrival in Australia

Email: peqvets and avianimports

In accordance with the department’s Biosecurity Cost Recovery Implementation Statement, importers are required to pay all costs associated with the importation and quarantine of imported pigeons and sentinels, including health certification/documentation assessment and assessment/management of any non-compliances. Live pigeons are a high-risk import commodity. Importers will be required to pay all costs, even in the event that the consignment does not meet import requirements and is not eligible for release from biosecurity control.​

Last reviewed: 7 April 2020
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