Importing cut flowers and foliage

You must comply with import conditions for cut flowers and foliage. Do this before you ship them to Australia.

Import conditions help to prevent the entry of exotic insects, plant diseases and other biosecurity risk material into Australia.

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Fresh cut flowers and foliage for personal use

If you’re arriving in Australia on an aircraft or a cruise ship you can bring fresh cut flowers into Australia.
You can bring up to 6:

  • small (shoebox sixed) boxes
  • florist packages
  • bouquets.

You must declare all flowers and foliage on your incoming passenger card. They will be inspected on arrival at the Australian border.

Knowing the scientific or common name of the flowers or foliage will help ensure your goods can be cleared more quickly.  

If live pests are found we will need to identify the pest and may need the flowers to be treated before releasing them to you. You will be responsible for any costs.

Fresh cut flowers and foliage for commercial use

Only cut flowers that we verify as free from pests can enter Australia.

Before you ship your goods, you will need to:

  • know the scientific name of the flowers or foliage, commonly referred to as the botanical name (genus and species)
  • complete pre-export treatments
  • gather all required documents
  • pay any fees or charges.

See our guide to importing fresh cut flowers and foliage for commercial use.

Dried or preserved flowers or foliage

All dried and preserved cut flowers and foliage must be inspected on arrival to verify that they are free from exotic pests and diseases and ensure that they are dried or preserved and are not fresh.
Check the import conditions and whether you will need an import permit in our Biosecurity Import Conditions system (BICON).

How we manage pests

See how we manage pests in cut flowers (offshore and on arrival).

Check out our bite-sized biosecurity videos. Each explores ways we work at the border to prevent the arrival of exotic plant pests.

Stay informed

Make sure you’re aware of all your responsibilities for importing goods to Australia.

See current announcements for importers of plant and plant products.

Need help?

Email the Imports team or call 1800 900 090.

Last reviewed: 13 November 2020
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