Transforming Australia’s agricultural export services

Our agricultural export services are changing for the better.

The Busting Congestion for Agricultural Exporters package PDF [211 KB] is a $328.4 million investment to grow and strengthen the agricultural export sector. Busting congestion is the core of our reform program. We have more than 60 digital and regulatory reform projects under way.

We are making it easier for producers and exporters to send their goods to market. At the same time, we are safeguarding Australia’s reputation as a reliable, high-quality exporter. 

Exporters will directly benefit from new and better export systems. We are designing and delivering improvements for all our export commodities to create a more streamlined export experience. Annual government fees and charges will be $21.4 million lower from 2023–24 than they would be without the reforms.

Our trade reforms are focused on 3 broad areas:

  • efficient regulation
  • new technology
  • improved market access.

Efficient regulation

Australia exports around 70% of our produce each year. The sector employs over 334,000 people across Australia. We want to support industry’s ambition to grow our agricultural sector to $100 billion by 2030. Exports will help drive this growth in value.

It’s critical that agriculture export regulation works to help get goods to market quickly and efficiently. Our regulation must meet trading partner requirements, be lawful, based on data and take account of risk.

Modernising our regulation will make it easier for exporters to comply. It will also further protect Australia’s reputation as a world leader in agricultural trade.

We are improving our export regulatory services by modernising the meat export industry and streamlining processes for seafood.

Our congestion-busting reforms work alongside existing programs to improve the assurance of dairy exports and modernise agricultural trade.

Improved agricultural export legislation underpins these reforms.

New technology

We will use technology to ensure the export process is faster, easier, lower cost and on time.

Our reform program will introduce modern and connected digital services for exporters through the Digital services to take farmers to market initiative.

It will streamline the Plant Export Management System (PEMS) and improve existing systems such as our export documentation system NEXDOC.

An investment in our export certification services will save exporters time and money.

Improved access to markets

The international market, the goods we export and the countries we export to are rapidly becoming more complex.

The reform program will support getting our safe, high quality agricultural products to consumers across the globe faster and reduce unnecessary administrative burden compared to the current system.

We are working to help exporters expand into new markets through our Agri-Business Expansion Initiative and stepping up Australia’s leadership in international agriculture and food policy discussions that shape global agricultural trade.

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Last reviewed: 14 September 2021
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