Comparison of Australian plague locust and Austroicetes spp. adults

​​Comparison of Australian plague locust and Austroicetes spp. adults

Australian Plague Locust - Chortoicetes terminifera

Graphic: side view of an adult Australian plague locust - note red tibia. Graphic: top view of an Australian plague locust showing wings - note dark tip on hindwing.

Austroicetes cruciata

Graphic: side view of an Austroicetes cruciata adult. Graphic: top view of A. cruciata adult showing wings - note absence of dark spot on tip of hindwing.

Austroicetes vulgaris (left) and Austroicetes frater (right)

Graphic: side view of other species of Austroicetes.

Major differences between adults of these species: When not in swarms, adults of the Australian plague locust look similar to A.cruciata and other Austroicetes species but can be readily separated by:

  • hindwings of Austroicetes do not have a dark tip as seen in plague locusts
  • tibia of Austroicetes vary from light straw to orange but are rarely red
  • size difference - plague locust adults are generally larger than Austroicetes

Species of Austroicetes (except A. cruciata) do not form swarms unlike the plague locust. When A. cruciata does form swarms it has a yellow phase. Other differences include markings on the rear femur (thigh) and the often saddle shaped thorax in Austroicetes.

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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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