Comparison of Australian plague locust and Austroicetes nymphs

​Comparison of Australian plague locust and Austroicetes nymphs

Australian Plague Locust - Chortoicetes terminifera

Graphic: a 5th instar Australian plague locust nymph - note relatively long antennae. 

other Austroicetes species

Graphic: side view of a 5th instar Austroicetes spp. nymph - note stouter body and shorter antennae. 

Major differences between nymphs of these species: When not in bands, nymphs of the Australian plague locust are very difficult to distinguish from species of Austroicetes. Main differences are:

  • Austroicetes nymphs are generally shorter and stouter than those of plague locusts
  • antennae of Austroicetes nymphs are shorter at about one to one and a half times the upright length of the eye, compared to twice the upright length of the eye in the plague locust

Species of Austroicetes (except A. cruciata) do not form bands unlike the plague locust.

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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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